Bryan Adams’ 1946 guitar was vandalized at customs, singer says

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Customs officials in Egypt reportedly defaced Bryan Adams’ guitar on his way back home to Canada.

In a picture posted on Instagram Thursday, the Canadian rock star’s guitar has illegible Arabic words near the neck written in green marker.

“Airport customs graffiti on my 1946 Martin D-18 in Cairo, Egypt,” Adams wrote with the picture.

A Martin 1946 D-18 guitar is currently being sold online for around $10,000.

The singer was in Cairo performing on March 8 as part of his world tour for his latest album, “Get Up.”

He said the troubles first started when he tried to return to Canada.

“We almost didn’t get the equipment into the country, and when we did it was all marked like this,” he told AFP.

Egyptian customs officials said when processed, instruments are usually marked with stickers, not with markers.


“We don’t write on equipment whether arriving or departing and the international artist should specify which department wrote on his guitar,” Jamal Turki, Cairo airport’s director of customs, told NBC.

“It may have been his room number or the car number taking him to airport. The number doesn’t mean anything to us in the airport.”

The musician isn’t holding any grudges though. He returned to social media Friday to let everyone know the guitar “will be fixed no problem” and to re-assure his Egyptian fans that he’d be back in the country soon enough.

“Much love to you all and look forward to bringing my family to visit you one day soon….next time no green markers please!” he wrote.

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