Man-made snow keeping ski hills going despite mild winter

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Hundreds of people of all ages and abilities hit the slopes at Ski Wentworth this weekend. Despite the unusually mild winter in Nova Scotia, the ski hill says things are going good.

“Every year is a little bit different, it kind of depends. we’re pretty much on track for where we were this time last year. People are surprised to hear that but it’s true,” said Leslie Wilson, General Manager for Ski Wentworth.

“Each year has it’s own flavor, but we’re doing ok.”

Despite the mild weather, attendance at @SkiWentworth has been pretty much on par with other years @globalhalifax pic.twitter苏州美甲纹绣培训/YLPAEBcGJc

— Natasha Pace (@NatashaPace) March 13, 2016

Officials say the season started off a little slow, but business did pick up nicely.  “Mother Nature’s been challenging us a little bit, there’s no doubt about it,” said Wilson.

“The skiing is still great, we have lots of terrain open but once the snow goes in the city, people tend to associate that with…well, not skiing.”

The mild temperatures and lack of snow haven’t been easy to deal with. Ski Wentworth recently had to fire up it’s snow making machine and says at this point, manmade snow is what’s keeping the hill going.

They actually had to use their snow making machine in March because of the lack of snow @SkiWentworth #NS pic.twitter苏州美甲纹绣培训/qJeYflHNuE

— Natasha Pace (@NatashaPace) March 13, 2016


“We have had to get the snow making going in March before. It’s not necessarily something we want to do, but we just thought to make sure that we’d be in good shape for March break that it was certainly worth it and it has paid off,” said Wilson.

Those who use the hill often say the conditions are great.

“The snow is very soft because it’s been so mild but it’s nice, it’s nice to be out there. I’m surprised with the lack of snow we’ve had that’s it’s been so good,” said Linda Weckman, whose been skiing at Ski Wentworth for years.

“Last year we had more snow than we knew what to do with and this year it’s been tough but you know, it’s still been a lot of fun,” said David Cudmore.

“They’ve done a great job keeping the snow where it is right now. It’s nice and soft and lots of runs open so we’re loving it,” added Patty Menard.

If all goes well, the ski hill is expecting to stay open for a few more weeks and hoping the mild weather will actually help bring more people in over March break.

“It’s always a big week for us and we’re hoping to go to at least Easter weekend, that’s the plan.”

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