Montreal’s JFK High School takes on #HABSwaveoflove to support Canadiens

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MONTREAL – With the Montreal Canadiens sinking to a 0.6 per cent chance of making the playoffs, many fans have thrown up their hands and said “forget it, there’s always next year.”

But students at John F. Kennedy High School in Montreal’s Saint-Michel borough are insisting they’re not quite ready to give up on their team just yet.



    #HABSwaveoflove: Online movement asks fans to keep faith in Canadiens



    They made a video to show their support for the Habs and remind everyone that tough times don’t last.

    “Our role is to help students grow in their spirituality, so we talk about virtues like caring and friendship,” said Aaron Durocher, JFK spiritual and community animator.

    “It’s important to support each other, not just the Canadiens, but anyone in times of need.”

    About 40 to 45 students from all levels of high school took part in the project.

    “They [the students] were eager to jump on board and take part in the project,” Durocher told Global News.

    “We got Annakin Slayd’s approval [to use his song]. He was really happy about the idea and was on board with the project.”

    Durocher said the support has been overwhelming, even getting a retweet from Geoff Molson.

    @GMolsonCHC Hey Geoff! We at JFK HS wanted to send our support to the team. Check it out! …

    — Aaron Durocher (@Drock5) March 9, 2016

    WATCH: JFK students do the #HABSwaveoflove

    The students were inspired by #HabsWaveOfLove movement, which was started by a special-needs teacher at the Galileo Adult Centre in Montreal North.

    “We wanted to send the Habs a message of love…we stand behind our team win or lose. Let’s start a wave of love,” teacher Anna Persichilli told Global News in January.

    READ MORE: #HABSwaveoflove: Online movement asks fans to keep faith in Canadiens

    The wave was a huge success and principal Martina Schiavone said the goal was to get the entire English Montreal School Board (EMSB) to take part in the wave.

    “That’s our goal, to start the biggest wave ever,” she said.

    WATCH: #HABSwaveoflove

    Be part of the wave

    To take part in the movement, just post a video or photo on social media using the hashtags #HABSwaveoflove, #Habs, #NHL – and #GoHabsGo, of course.

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