NDP promises tax cuts and lower utility costs for middle-class families

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REGINA – NDP Leader Cam Broten has announced a plan that he says would help middle-class families.

If elected, Broten said an NDP government will raise the basic personal tax exemption, which means an individual would earn an additional $500 before being taxed.

Right now, the basic personal about is $15,843. The NDP said it would also reduce the top tax bracket from $127,430 to $125,540.

That exemption would be funded by having Saskatchewan residents who earn above $175,000 pay a one per cent increase.



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    Broten says the anticipated revenue loss of $25.2 million from the tax cut would be offset by the revenue gain of $22.2 by the tax increase on individuals making over $175,000 per year.

    “Brad Wall and the Sask. Party haven’t said a word about affordability during this campaign,” Broten said in a statement.

    “In fact, they deny that families are concerned about the cost of living when they claim they’ve already fixed this problem.”

    The NDP has also promised to cut utility rates and protect SaskTel, in order to keep smart-phone and Internet costs competitive compared to Rogers, Telus and Bell.

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