Newly-arrived Syrian refugee family shares experiences from first two weeks in Winnipeg

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WINNIPEG —; While many refugees have made their way to Winnipeg over the last few years, one Syrian refugee family and their journey in Winnipeg has just begun.

On June 6, Shler Ali, Karwan Kahil, and their five-year-old daughter Naz arrived in Winnipeg, reuniting with Ali’s brother for the first time in 10 years. A refugee himself, her brother Nour Ali arrived just three years ago, settling down with his wife and two girls before welcoming his sister’s family.

Shler Ali and her family said they left Syria in 2012 when there were bombs going on right outside her door.

“We were lucky we survived that day,” said Ali.

Now, just two weeks into living in Winnipeg and her family said they experience new things every time they step outside of their door.



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    Being able to roam the park after 6 p.m. with her daughter, and walking the streets freely while saying hello to neighbours. Freedoms that were hard to come by during a war torn time in Syria.

    “First time we went to grocery shop I tried to buy things you’ve never seen in Syria and I asked how you cook this, how you cook this,” explained Ali.

    She said riding a bus may seem like an annoyance for some, but for her it’s a novelty that she didn’t know she would have the luxury of using.

    Both husband and wife said just two weeks in and they’re ready to dive in to the working world in Winnipeg so they can keep busy and contribute to their family and community.

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