North Korean leader warns of impending nuclear and rocket tests

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SEOUL, Korea, Republic Of – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has warned of impending tests of a nuclear warhead explosion and ballistic missiles capable of carrying atomic warheads, state media reported Tuesday, in an escalation of threats against Seoul and Washington.

Kim issued the order for the tests “in a short time,” according to the Korean Central News Agency. The KCNA dispatch did not say if Kim gave specific dates for the tests.

The announcement comes as North Korea said it had mastered a key remaining technology needed to develop a reliable long-range missile capable of striking the U.S. mainland.

WATCH: US, South Korea hold massive joint military exercise in response to North Korean nuclear threats


It is unclear if the tests would happen soon, given that any tests would likely invite harsher international sanctions after the country was hit by the toughest U.N. Security Council sanctions in two decades in early March for a nuclear test and long-range rocket launch conducted earlier this year.

In the past, North Korea has typically conducted nuclear tests and rocket launches every three to four years.

Kim’s threats came as his country furiously reacts to ongoing annual military drills by Seoul and Washington, which Pyongyang views as an invasion rehearsal.

Kim said “a nuclear warhead explosion test and a test-fire of several kinds of ballistic rockets able to carry nuclear warheads will be conducted in a short time to further enhance the reliance of nuclear attack capability,” according to KCNA.

WATCH: Expert says it’s possible North Korea faked images of it’s atomic weapons

He made the comments while guiding a successful simulated test of a re-entry vehicle, which is needed to return a warhead safely back into the Earth’s atmosphere from a long-range missile launch.

Information from secretive, authoritarian North Korea is often impossible to confirm and there is virtually no way to check how genuine its claims are on developing re-entry vehicle technology.

South Korean defence officials and many outside experts have said the North does not yet have a workable re-entry vehicle, meaning the country does not have a reliable missile capable of hitting the U.S. mainland.

Pyongyang often makes fiery warlike rhetoric in times of tension with the outside world.

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Regina residents call for solutions to end gang violence in North Central

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REGINA – North Central neighbourhood residents are calling on the public to help join them in a quest to end gang violence.

Shawna Oochoo is a resident of North Central, and a mother of a teenage daughter. She said she fears for her daughter’s safety.

“I want us to be a safe community again. I want us to not feel like our children as soon as they walk out the door, or if they wear the wrong colour, or you know that they’re going to be hurt or harmed”, Oochoo explained.


It’s why she’s pushing for a broader conversation about ways to end violence in North Central.

“I think what it is, is calling for our political leaders and city representatives to recognize that there is an issue and community members want something done about it”, Oochoo said.

According to Regina Police, the area has the highest occurrences of violent crime and overall crime in the city.

In North Central, certain colours are sometimes associated with certain gangs.

In 2012, Derrick Amyotte was stabbed seven times for wearing the colour red in the neighbourhood. He later died in hospital from his injuries.

“I miss being able to go home and just tell him things”, Tara Amyotte said.

His sister Tara Amyotte is hoping further dialogue will help prevent other senseless deaths.

“We have to go back to our roots and understand what life is about, and it’s not violence”.

Oochoo and the North Central Community Association hosted a public forum on gang violence in the region. They hope it will spur discussion and create tangible solutions.

“How do we address poverty? Addictions? Mental health are kind of the key issues that need to be addressed, and having good plans and resources to back those plans up.”

“It’s all part of the solution”, North Central Community Association Executive Director Michael Parker said.

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Lack of volunteers forcing Edmonton community league to fold

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For the first time, one of Edmonton’s community leagues is on the brink of being dissolved, thanks to a lack of volunteers and membership.

Londonderry Community League’s skating rink hasn’t been flooded in years and the soccer fields have sat empty for even longer.

Without volunteers to run events and sell memberships, the community ran out of money.

This community league hadn’t had soccer teams for 15 years – no volunteer coaches. #yeg pic.twitter广州桑拿网/flvQuw9u4S

— Sarah Kraus Global (@SarahNKraus) March 14, 2016

“Things came to a head last spring when they couldn’t afford to run their building any longer,” explained Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues’ Executive Director Allan Bolstad.

“The utility companies were on the verge of closing it down.”

The city and federation got together to step in and save the day, but that was never intended to be a long-term solution.



    ‘It’s very disappointing’: Ice-clearing equipment stolen from south Edmonton community league

    Edmonton community league stops church redevelopment

    Edmonton community leagues want to sell ads on outdoor rinks

    Envision Edmonton cancels community league offer

    “We need basically a new group that’s willing to step up to the plate and do whatever their residents would like to see them do,” said Bolstad. “We want to see if there’s some life in the community league to bring people back together and start doing some programs in the area, whether it’s soccer for kids or card nights.”

    To date, the federation has spent more than $25,000 on utilities and other bills. They say it’s a cost they can’t continue to absorb after June 30.

    “Of the 126 halls we’ve got, this is the biggest. It seats 375,” explained Bolstad. “But now on the flip side it’s a big building to operate in terms of utilities, insurance and fixing it up from time to time.”

    The city is already looking for a tenant to take over the building long-term, likely a non-profit group.

    If anyone is interested in stepping up to volunteer and keep Londonderry’s community league running, contact @EFCL pic.twitter广州桑拿网/aSv9GrPiRC

    — Sarah Kraus Global (@SarahNKraus) March 14, 2016

    Resident Devon Shepherd was shocked to hear his community was in such dire straits.

    “I think it has a lot of value. I think it brings a community together, getting to meet new people and all that,” he said. “There are kids who play sports here. That’s going to suck for them and their families.”

    The federation said this is an anomaly. Other leagues, like Ritchie on the south side, are thriving. They offer numerous affordable activities to residents.

    “Like yoga, adult fitness programs, we’ve started a paint night that we’re subsidizing as well,” said Ritchie president Laura Cunningham-Shpeley.

    “We have a skating rink that really caters to families with young kids. There’s lots of stuff always going on.”

    She said it would be sad to see another community league shut down.

    “It brings people together in a geographical area. We have similar interests, similar concerns for our community. I want to see my kids grow up knowing their neighbours.”

    Last weekend, volunteers from other communities went door-to-door in Londonderry, trying to raise awareness about the league’s plight and sell memberships.

    “We sold 70 memberships on Saturday and certainly a lot of people at the doors were interested in seeing something happening in the neighbourhood again,” said Bolstad. “The interest is there, it’s just a matter of getting some leadership in place to pull it all together.”

    Six people in the community have since raised their hand and said they would be interested in volunteering, including former special events chair, Angie Ewanchuk.

    She volunteered a few years ago and refuses to stand by and let her community lose what she believes is a valuable resource.

    “It makes me feel extremely sad and actually depressed because it’s a wonderful community league, it’s a wonderful hall. There’s so many activities that could be happening. There’s so many new families moving into the area.”

    Ewanchuk plans to attend a general meeting to see how she could donate her time and is trying to get others on board as well.

    She thinks the community needs more programming directed at children and families.

    If you’re interested in volunteering, you’re encouraged to call the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.

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‘This is so important to our community’: South Edmonton community league gets stolen snow equipment back

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EDMONTON — After some extensive sleuth work by members of the Edmonton Police Service, ice-clearing equipment that was stolen in February has been returned to the North Millbourne Community League.

The south Edmonton community league was forced to shut down its outdoor rinks early this winter, after upwards of $12,000 worth of equipment was stolen on Feb. 13.



    Edmontonians lend a hand to North Millbourne Community League

    Police found the stolen power sweeper and snow blower at a Sherwood Park residence. The stolen backpack blower was located at a south Edmonton pawn shop. The items were returned to the community league on Tuesday.

    READ MORE: Ice-clearing equipment stolen from south Edmonton community league

    While it may be too late in the season for community members to hit the ice, they’re grateful they’ll be ready to go next winter.

    “We’re all overwhelmed with gratitude for the time and effort that EPS officers spent on finding our stolen ice-cleaning equipment,” Brandon Kowalczyk, vice-president of the North Millbourne Community League, said.

    “This is so important to our community. Not only do our residents skate on the rink daily, but we have terrific organizations like the Boys and Girls Club hockey team that also use our rink to practice on.”

    Recovering the equipment was a group effort by officers in a couple of Edmonton divisions. While working on pawn shop detail, Const. Uwe Steil has single-handedly located and returned close to $1 million worth of stolen property. His work has led to 223 arrests since 2013.

    “It’s certainly rewarding for the police officers involved in this investigation to be able to return this expensive equipment to the community league and see everyone smiling again,” Steil said.

    Shawn Rolfe, 34, has since been charged with theft under $5,000, possession of stolen property under $5,000 and fraud under $5,000.

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Northlands site could one day be home to retail and residential space

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EDMONTON — Northlands provided new conceptual designs Monday of what the site could look like when the Edmonton Oilers move out at the end of the hockey season.

Residential and commercial spaces are laid out in the new proposal, which will be presented to city council Tuesday. The new pictures also showcase the possibility for two new hotels – one near the Ice Coliseum that could serve those attending hockey tournaments, and another near the Edmonton Expo Centre that could serve the convention industry.



    ‘We had a very contentious scenario’: Northlands president reflects on role in Edmonton

    ‘We would have to listen’: Northlands president asks Edmonton residents to define its future

    Neighbours will benefit from Northlands’ plan, says area councillor

    It’s all part of Vision 2020, Northlands’ bold plan to redevelop the site when the Oilers and concert industry move on.

    READ MORE: New $165M vision for Northlands includes 7-sheet ice facility, outdoor concert space

    City Councillor Michael Oshry, who sits on the Northlands board, said the land is a prime piece of real estate because of its proximity to the downtown core and an LRT station. He believes the concept, while lofty, could work.

    “It is a really unique piece of land in the sense that it can be a little community that has a little bit of everything,” Oshry said.

    “You’ve got to have something that’s viable there and this plan, while really complicated and it’s going to take some time, is in my opinion viable.”

    The City of Edmonton owns the land but would not develop it. Instead, portions of the site would be set aside for private development. The profit could then fund part of the three-pronged redevelopment proposal, which includes the seven-sheet ice facility inside the arena, an expanded Hall D inside the Expo Centre and the festival site.

    READ MORE: Northlands president asks Edmonton residents to define its future

    Oshry said Northlands has been in contact with both retail and commercial developers who have shown interest in the project.

    “It’s really complicated, a lot of moving parts,” he said. “Lots of money is going to be needed but it’s a really big opportunity, a really huge opportunity for the city so hopefully there’s a way that we can get it all or some version of it done.”

    Fellow city councillor Tony Caterina believes there would be a lot of interest from people who want to live in the area.

    “Where it’s located—with the LRT there, with the river valley there, with the medicentre there, with the road systems that are already in place—it’s an ideal location for redevelopment,” Caterina said Monday.

    Northlands will present its vision, some of the costs associated with the project and a possible timeline to city council on Tuesday.

    “Tomorrow’s decision is, ‘Do we agree or not agree with the vision?’ Preliminary now as it is,” Caterina explained. “And if we do, then the next step is to see what the staging would look like and where the monies would come from.”

    Conceptual design of the overall site.

    Courtesy, Northlands

    Conceptual design showing the roof of a residential building.

    Courtesy, Northlands

    Conceptual design showing an aerial view of the site from the west.

    Courtesy, Northlands

    Conceptual design showing a hotel next to the Ice Coliseum.

    Courtesy, Northlands

    Conceptual design showing an aerial shot over Concordia University.

    Courtesy, Northlands

    Conceptual design showing retail space across from the Edmonton Expo Centre.

    Courtesy, Northlands

    Conceptual design of the Northlands site.

    Courtesy, Northlands

    Conceptual design showing residential space at the Northlands site.

    Courtesy, Northlands

    Conceptual design of the Northlands site.

    Courtesy, Northlands

    Conceptual design of a cafe at the Northlands site.

    Courtesy, Northlands

    Conceptual design showing an aerial view of the site from the north.

    Courtesy, Northlands

    Conceptual design showing retail and restaurant space at Northlands.

    Courtesy, Northlands

    Conceptual design showing an aerial view of the Northlands site.

    Courtesy, Northlands

    Conceptual design showing park space at the Northlands site.

    Courtesy, Northlands

    Global News recently sat down the Northlands President and CEO Tim Reid to hear his thoughts on the future of the site. You can watch the interview below:

    Follow @CaleyRamsay

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Could using gold as cash help save you from costly currency conversions on your next trip?

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Whether it’s an exotic trip to taste the wonders of Italy, or a long weekend excursion south of the border, travel has become increasingly expensive for Canadians thanks to our weakened dollar.

Not only do we lose money when converting our currency into U.S. dollars or Euros, but the fees to convert that cash and access our funds when overseas can quickly add up.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we could just use gold coins to dodge foreign exchange rates, like the good old days?


Thanks to Toronto-based startup BitGold, an increasing amount of Canadian travellers are investing in gold in order to hold savings and make payments overseas.

READ MORE: Book early or last minute? Tips for getting the best travel deals

BitGold (which is in no way related to the virtual currency “bitcoin”) allows users to buy physical gold, which is stored at private vaults secured by Brinks around the world. Once you have purchased gold using the platform, you can store it as an investment or you can redeem your gold for US Dollars, British Pound, or Euros using the company’s prepaid “GoldMoney” MasterCard.

The idea is that you would sell your physical gold in whatever currency you wish to spend in without losing money on the conversion.

“Gold transcends borders because it’s universal,” said BitGold CEO Darrell MacMullin. “It’s the only global currency.”

MacMullin said the company has seen more than 20 per cent more Canadian users since January, likely thanks to the falling Loonie.

Some of those clients have been using gold bullion to help get around expensive money transfers overseas. For example, one Toronto-area BitGold client, who is getting married in England, has been using his account to pay wedding suppliers in British Pounds.

“He said to us, ‘If I was saving for this wedding in Canadian dollars instead of gold it would be a much smaller wedding,’” said Josh Crumb, co-founder of BitGold.

But is gold really the ultimate travel hack?

“People in Canada are obviously very familiar with how far and how fast the dollar is falling against other currencies. But gold is something that is a nice even benchmark, where over time it purchases the same amount of things in any country,” Crumb said.

BitGold’s “GoldMoney” MasterCard is free to use and can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted. Users would sell their gold for whatever its worth in the desired currency they wish to use and pay a one per cent fee each time they buy currency. The only other fee would come from using the card at a foreign ATM – which can cost up to CAD$10.

However, gold is still a commodity and fluctuates in price – meaning the investment can still be risky.

Financial expert Preet Banerjee said that while the fees to convert Canadian dollars into local currency when traveling can be quite costly, there is still a risk in investing in gold.

READ MORE: How to score best deal when booking a hotel

“The idea behind this company is relatively simple: attract customers with the promise of lower transaction fees. However, it is very important to note the volatility in the price of gold can affect whether or not you come out ahead or not,” Banerjee told Global News.

“For example, since the beginning of 2013, gold has lost roughly 25 per cent of its value (in USD). But these fluctuations can occur quickly too – there was a two week period in June of 2013 where gold lost roughly 11 per cent in value.”

On the flipside, Banerjee said this volatility can also work in favour of those who invest in the precious metal.

“Since the beginning of 2016, gold has gained roughly 18 per cent in value. So, in some cases it would be possible that the increase in value of gold is greater than the transaction fees of using the service, but in other cases it would be possible that a decrease in gold prices would far outstrip any savings in transaction fees,” he said.

“Since we can’t forecast the price of gold, this introduces an element of speculation into the equation. Of course, we know that the Canadian dollar also fluctuates in value relative to other currencies, but keeping track of multiple conversion rates to figure out if you’ve come out ahead or not can be complex.”

Poll: Would you consider investing in gold? | InsideGov

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Loblaws to re-stock French’s ketchup, made with Canadian tomatoes

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Facing a squeeze from Canadian customers, Loblaws says it will re-stock French’s ketchup after public backlash over the grocery giant’s decision to remove the Canadian-made product from its shelves across the country.

“We’ve heard our Loblaws customers,” Kevin Groh, the company’s vice-president of corporate affairs and communication, told Global News in an email.


“We will re-stock French’s ketchup and hope that the enthusiasm we are seeing in the media and on social media translates into sales of the product. We will work with French’s to make sure we are in-stock as soon as possible.”

The president of French’s Food Company says he is “humbled” by the reaction from Canadians following the news Loblaws would stop selling French’s ketchup in its stores.

READ MORE: Ketchup politics: Ontario legislature asked to serve French’s, not Heinz

“The outpouring of support by the Canadian consumer for our product has been unprecedented,” Elliott Penner told Global News Tuesday from the company headquarters in New Jersey. “We have never seen anything like it.”

“Our sales are to the point where now we can’t meet demand,” he said.

French’s recently began using tomatoes from Leamington, Ont. processed at the former H.J. Heinz Co. plant that was closed in 2014. When Heinz closed the plant, where it had been operating since 1909, 740 workers lost their jobs.

Food-processing company Highbury Canco took over the plant from Heinz and began producing products like tomato paste. The U.S.-based French’s announced in January it would make its ketchup from Leamington tomatoes. A facility in Toronto manufactures the company’s ketchup that ends up in restaurants, while an Ohio plants makes the condiment in grocery stores.

Penner said he had no idea why Loblaws originally wanted to pull French’s ketchup from grocery stores across the country.

READ MORE: For Canada’s tomato capital, there’s life after ketchup

“We’ve got retailers who are ordering full pallets of ketchup and putting them out on display,” he said. “Sales the last two weeks have been up 400%.”

“Part of our strategy has been to provide the best quality and to do that you get the best quality ingredients,” he added.

Sylvain Charlebois, a professor at the University of Guelph’s department of marketing and consumer studies, says the ketchup kerfuffle shows the power the consumer has.

“Loblaws makes or breaks companies,” he said. “There was something that basically compelled Loblaw to dump French’s, made the decision public and all of a sudden it went viral. It led to the reversal of the decision, which is spectacular.”

Support for the condiment company began when their ketchup caught the eye of an Orillia man who called on Canadians to buy the condiment in a 广州桑拿网 post that went viral and has since been shared more than 130,000 times.

“French’s ( known for its mustard) stepped in and decided to make ketchup,” Brian Fernandez said in a 广州桑拿网 posted Feb. 23. “They also decided to use those same Leamington tomatoes from Canadian farmers. The result: A ketchup …. free of preservatives. Free of artificial flavours. Also, free of high fructose corn syrup!! We bought a bottle. Absolutely love it!! Bye. Bye. Heinz.”

The uproar on social media continued to grow, and on Tuesday Liberal MPP Mike Colle warned in a letter to Galen Weston, the president of the supermarket chain, he is “more than prepared to lead a boycott of Loblaws until we get an explanation of your decision or a reversal of this refusal to stock French’s ketchup in your stores.”

“I think your company has made a huge miscalculation and underestimated the value that we put on supporting local foods and local jobs,” Colle said, adding the has been contacted by constituents and people across Ontario.

Earlier in this month, NDP MPP Taras Natyshak started an online petition calling for ketchup made with Leamington, Ont.-grown tomatoes to be served at the Ontario legislature.

“The promotion of French’s ketchup would greatly support local tomato producers, local workers and communities across Essex County,” he said in online petition.

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Alberta RCMP detachment shot at; 4 people arrested

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Red Deer RCMP have charged a 21-year-old man after two windows at its downtown detachment were shot at by a passing vehicle Monday.

RCMP said Tuesday Cory Daniel Picard of Red Deer was charged with using an imitation firearm in the commission of an offence, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, mischief/damage to property over $5,000 and uttering threats.

The charges come after Picard was found to be in possession of a BB gun.

The incident began at around 3:15 p.m. Monday when RCMP received a call about occupants of a maroon-coloured truck shooting at streets signs in the Normandeau area. A second call to police at around 3:30 p.m. alerted officers to the location of the truck, in the area of the downtown RCMP detachment.

Mounties caught the suspects in the Bower neighbourhood of Red Deer shortly after the incident and said four people, including Picard, were taken into police custody.

The other three people, two women and one man, were not charged.

A window is damaged at the downtown Red Deer RCMP detachment after police say the building was shot at on Monday, March 14, 2016.

Nathan Luit/ Global News

No injuries were reported and RCMP said the windows’ protective coating kept them from shattering, although they said two windows were clearly damaged.

The detachment was closed after the incident until Tuesday morning.

Picard was taken into custody and had his first court appearance Tuesday morning.

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Popular extreme snowmobiler dies in avalanche near Castlegar

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A snowmobiler has died in an avalanche near Castlegar.

RCMP confirm the 45-year-old man died in the avalanche on Monday. They received a report at about 10 p.m. from a family member, saying the man was overdue from a day-long excursion near Castlegar. RCMP immediately activated local Search and Rescue.

Crews found the man on Tuesday and his next of kin has been notified. His snowmobile was found by another snowmobiler, partially buried in an avalanche.


The BC Coroners Service confirmed Wednesday that the victim was Daniel Davidoff, an experienced snowmobiler who made a living filming extreme videos under the title ‘Krazy Canadian.’

According to search and rescue he was riding alone Monday, in an area that he knew well.

The B.C. Snowmobiling Federation is urging riders to take safety seriously no matter what their skill level is.

Many people have posted online tributes to Davidoff, who is featured in a series of backcountry sledding videos called “Krazy Canadian Adventures.”

A description for one film posted on YouTube invites audiences to watch as the “Krazy crew heads out in search of new terrain, over-your-head powder, huge cliff drops and nearly impossible chutes that can only be climbed with huge horsepower turbo sleds and pure adrenaline.”

The creator of a B.C. snowmobiling page on 广州桑拿网, titled “Nobody sleds alone,” posted that Davidoff’s death should be a big wake-up call.

“No one should ride alone, regardless of skill or equipment. Dan was one of the best chute climbers around. Extremely knowledgeable in the backcountry and of snow conditions,” the post said.

“Yet this happened. No matter how good, how prepared you are Ma Nature takes no prisoners.”

Davidoff was featured in several extreme sport magazines, which tout him as the only two-time winner of the “Xtremey Award” for best performance in a snowmobile film.

A 2011 interview with Davidoff in Snowest magazine says his “ridiculous hillclimbs” and countless first ascents earned him a reputation as one of the top backcountry hillclimbers. It says he swore off alcohol and drugs in his youth, allowing him to “live on a natural high.”

Davidoff told the magazine he started riding about 40 years ago with his parents, who would pack him on their sled before he was two years old.

Asked whether he had advice for up-and-coming hillclimbers, Davidoff suggested people “ride smart” during dangerous avalanche days.

“You can always come back and slay the face another day,” he said. “But when the snow is safe and you feel it in your belly go for it. If you don’t feel it, trust your instincts.

“My worst failures always came when I had a bad feeling and didn’t listen to it.”

READ MORE: 2 Sherwood Park men killed in avalanche near Blue River, BC 

Two other snowmobilers were killed in an avalanche near Blue River on Monday.

READ MORE: Alberta snowmobilers found safe after going missing near Invermere, BC 

In a separate incident, two other snowmobilers were found safe on Tuesday near Radium Hot Springs.

Columbia Valley Search and Rescue crews went into the backcountry Tuesday morning after the pair were reported as overdue.

Family members called 9-1-1 when the two people didn’t come home as planned on Monday.

The search began Monday night, but had to be called off when it got too dark.

With files from Tamsyn Burgmann,

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WATCH: Obama flows with hip-hop free-styler at White House

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WASHINGTON – Eyeing the multi-ethnic troupe of 20-somethings rocking out in the East Room to tales of the American Revolution, President Barack Obama wagered a safe guess: The Founding Fathers
never dreamed of this.



    Photo of Obama sister’s thumbs-up during state dinner meeting with Ryan Reynolds goes viral

    Obama wants to try Trump-branded wine, likens to $5 plonk in $50 bottle

    Barack Obama toasts Cape Breton for welcoming Americans wishing to flee Donald Trump

    The cast of the Broadway sensation “Hamilton” stormed the White House on Monday for a one-of-a-kind performance rich with symbolism and a touch of irony. With portraits of George and Martha Washington staring down, the singers waxed lyrical about Alexander Hamilton’s unlikely transformation from impoverished immigrant to American historical luminary.

    Before the soulful singing started, Obama told an audience of invited schoolchildren he hoped the story of the country’s founding would teach them that in America, what’s past is only the beginning.

    “That’s what makes America so great. You finish the story,” Obama said. “We’re not yet finished. This is a constant work in progress, America. We’re boisterous and we’re diverse. We’re full of
    energy and perpetually young in spirit. We are the project that never ends.”

    With its fast-paced score that mixes pop ballads, hip-hop and R&B, “Hamilton” has hit a nerve on Broadway with the true story of the nation’s “young, scrappy and hungry” first Treasury secretary.

    Obama and the first lady have been major boosters of the show, in which an African-American and Latino cast play historical figures who were, of course, white.

    Lin-Manuel Miranda, the show’s creator and star, has forged an unusual alliance with the Obamas, who first hosted him at the White House in 2009 for a poetry-and-music event where Miranda performed what would later become the show’s opening number. Obama joked that he deserved a bit of credit for the theatrical sensation, now one of the hottest tickets on Broadway.

    “‘Hamilton,’ I’m pretty sure, is the only thing that Dick Cheney and I agree on,” Obama quipped, referring to the former vice-president and avowed fan of the show.

    Miranda and his cast, ditching their costumes for crisp suits and dresses, performed a handful of musical numbers before an audience that included Vice-President Joe Biden. Earlier in the day, First Lady Michelle Obama hosted the company for a workshop with students, telling them that of all the events at the White House, “this for
    me personally is the coolest.”

    Himself the product of an unlikely rise to power, Obama praised the show’s ability to bring “unlikely folks together.” He told the show’s creator that he could “use the help” in Washington.

    “Lin-Manuel, if you have any ideas about a show about Congress, for example,” Obama said to laughter, “now is your chance.”

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