Trump threatens to send his supporters to Bernie Sanders rally

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U.S. presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are at each other’s throats over the string of violence that has erupted at the latter’s Republican rallies lately.

Trump, who has accused Sanders of inciting his supporters to protest Trump’s rallies, told the Democrat hopeful on 广州蒲友 that he should be careful “or my supporters will go to yours!”

Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren’t told to go to my events. Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 13, 2016

The tweet came after Sanders called Trump a “pathological liar” in a news release Saturday that says the Democrat’s campaign did not organize the protests at the Republican’s rallies.

“What caused the protests at Trump’s rally is a candidate that has promoted hatred and division against Latinos, Muslims, women, and people with disabilities,” the news release states.

The violence, which has been escalating in the past few weeks, ramped up on Friday when the real estate mogul was forced to cancel a campaign event after hundreds of protesters showed up in Chicago.

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But Trump has been blaming his rivals for the protests. On CNN Saturday morning, Trump told Jake Tapper that he partially blames Sanders for them.

“I don’t even call them protestors. They have Bernie signs everywhere,” he said.

Violence is continuing at Trump’s events. On Saturday, Kansas City police in Missouri pepper sprayed a crowd outside a rally twice, and two people were arrested.

It was not clear if police used the pepper spray on demonstrators or supporters.

WATCH: Police pepper spray crowd outside Trump rally in Kansas City, Missouri

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